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Why Promising Candidates Screw Their Chances of Ever Getting Approved!

Our SG6D System will Uncover Every Mistake in Your Application to Give You an almost Unfair Edge over Anyone Else in Your Industry.

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What Happens When Conventional PR Application Methods No Longer Work?

Ever wondered why the majority of applicants get rejected year after year?

Hint* It has everything to do with the What and How they submitted their application… From the layout to the file type, and most importantly… the information they include.

The funny thing is… some, choose to “try” their luck and see whether they might get approved… failing to realise that every rejection is another black mark on their record.

That’s why rather than leaving it to “chance”, we want to work with Individuals who are serious about becoming a Singapore PR. We do have a few criteria to decide who we want to help, but if you qualify…

We’ll show you how our SG6D APPLY System can help you dramatically increase your chances of getting approved.

In fact, let’s test how much you understand what type of applications have a higher chance of getting approved right now…

Is Your PR Application Profile Worse Than Your Colleague's?

Here are 2 sets of text taken directly from different Singapore Government websites. Read them and see whether you know what sort of profiles they’re looking for.

[Redacted] has become a fundamental aspect of what makes us Singaporean and is shown in the things that we do on a daily basis.”

The majority of our PRs are aged between 25-59 years (Chart 15). The pace of immigration will continue to be kept measured and very stable, so that Singapore remains a cohesive society and a good home for all Singaporeans.”

How to Tell Whether You Have A Low-Quality PR Application Document...

(Hover or click on this box to see what some of the common mistakes other applicants commit.) Please make sure you avoid making these same mistakes before sending in your first application.

Common Signs of Low-Quality Application Documents

  • Does it look and read like a resume?
  • Did you hand-write it instead of attaching a type-written pdf file?
  • Are there obvious spelling and grammatical errors?
  • Is your core “selling points” missing from your application?
  • Does your application fail to communicate how you can contribute to Singapore’s 6Ds?
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Give Yourself the Confidence Knowing You Submitted One of the Best Applications

If becoming a Singapore PR is what you want then please don’t delay. Every day more Expats are securing their PR status because they understand what and how to make their application stand out correctly.

But with only 30,000 available slots every year… and 1.6% (or 480 slots) allocated for people in the Others category… and 7.5% (or 2,250 slots) for Indians… the competition is extremely steep.

One option is to wait until next year when the quota has been reset but that brings in another problem… the older you get… the lower your chances become.

Why not fill avoid the uncertainty and speak with someone who can advise and guide you on the best ways to increase your approval chances?

All you need to do is fill in the form on this page and secure one of the 5 limited slots.

We’ll show you how to tweak and transform your application using our SG6D APPLY System… to draft a profile they want to approve.

All it takes is a couple of minutes right now to fill in the form. We’ll ask you a few questions to see if you qualify but once you do… you’ll be much closer to achieving your Singapore PR status.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is for educational purposes and is meant to serve as an indicator of an applicant’s possible chances of attaining Singapore PR status. It is by no means definitive nor has it been vetted or approved by Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) or the Singapore Government. There are many other factors that might result in an applicant’s success or failure. If you’re ever in doubt, it is recommended that you seek the advice and opinion of a trained professional.

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