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Confession of an Immigration Specialist

In my line of work, I’ve met clients and customers from all walks of life.

And from my years of experience, I dare say that one of the most important traits any immigration specialist must possess is… Empathy!

Many of the people who come to me are worried, they’re stressed out, they’re disappointed, and they’re tired.

All they want is to migrate and give a better life for their family, their spouse, their children, and to start a new life.

Out of the many countries around the world, they’ve decided that Singapore with its good governance, safety and infrastructure is one of the best places to migrate to.

However, ICA seems to have other plans.

Their PR application was rejected time and again.

They received no explanations, no ways to tweak or improve, no answers, just a please try again, as though this was an attempt at a scratch-and-win card.

And each time their application was rejected, they had already waited at least six months or more before appealing or re-submitting another application and waiting once again. Each time, they were getting older, which further delayed their family’s plan of settling down, and also risking a complete rejection as they grew nearer to Singapore’s official retirement age.

After speaking with a number of them, I realised it was the same issue popping up again and again.

They had submitted all the necessary documents as stipulated on ICA’s website. Some even reviewed and scrutinised the requirements multiple times.

A few were unfamiliar with the e-PR submission process as they weren’t technology savvy and struggled to find the right fields to fill in or where to upload their supporting documents which made their applications incomplete.

Then there were many more who knew or heard about the hidden Social Contribution element but didn’t have a clue on how to go about doing this. The worst mistake a person could make was volunteering at organisations and burning weekends for no chance of getting approved.

And that’s why I find that the work we do here is so important.

Our job isn’t just to help our clients submit their forms for them.

No, our role is to help our clients review and analyse their profiles and provide recommendations to improve their chances of getting approval.

Every case is different as everyone we meet has a different background, experience, knowledge, skill set, achievements and so much more.

What worked for one person may not necessarily work for another.

You see, what many people have failed to realise is that every year, things change.

The situation in Singapore and around the world changes which means the hidden criteria and quota might change as well. All these play a role in the approval and rejection rate.

That’s why to avoid disappointment or uncertainty, the best thing any serious applicant should do is arrange for a session with a consultant like myself. Our industry and ministry knowledge will shed light on ways to improve your chances.

Give us a call or fill-up the form on this page.

You’ll be glad you did!

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