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Employment Pass Holder

Are you currently working in Singapore and hold either an employment pass (EP) or S Pass?

Spouse & Familial Ties

Are you a spouse, child (below 21 years old) or aged parent of a Singapore citizen or PR?

Investors & Entrepreneurs

Are you an investor or entrepreneur who is under the Global Investor program (GIP) scheme?

Boost & Secure ICA Approval

We Maximise Your Chances

As immigration experts, we’ve helped candidates and applicants maximise their chances of getting their PR applications approved. Unfortunately, ICA does not reveal their strict application criteria nor do they disclose the reasons for rejection. That means, when you’re submitting your application, you want to maximise your approval chances from the onset. And that’s where our team of consultants can advise you and help you increase your qualifying criteria.

360° Relocation & Migration Solutions

We've The Team to Support You

Applying for permanent residency isn’t just about filling up a form. The Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has several strict policies and criteria before handing out any PR or citizenship status.

That’s why we’ve partnered with specialists from different fields and industries to help you build up a 360 Application Profile that maximises your approval chances.

Legal Advice

Need legal aid or advice? We've a team of legal experts to assist you.

Personal Finance

Our financial experts can help you qualify for the "sinking roots" category?

Property Consulting

Need an affordable place to settle down and bring your family over?

Corporate Solutions

Starting a business is easier with the right corporate solutions in place.

As a Foreigner, You Must First Meet The Minimum

Core Qualifying Criteria


You're a spouse of a Singapore citizen (SC) or a Singapore permanent resident (PR).

Unmarried Child

You're an unmarried child below the age of 21 of a legal marriage by a SC or PR.

Aged Parent

You're an aged parent of a SC. (Parents of PR does not qualify)

Work Pass

You hold a valid Employment Pass or S Pass.


You're a student studying in Singapore


You're a foreign investor in Singapore

PR Approval Calculation

Below is a list of core elements that may affect your PR application approval chances. For more information, do arrange to speak with our friendly consultants who are here to advise and guide you with your application.

Our 3-Steps CSA Application Process

We Simplify Your PR Application Process

Making a successful application is about being prepared and providing the right documents. We’ll help you review and analyse your case and situation so you can expedite your e-PR submission process.



We’ll conduct a profile analysis to identify areas to strengthen your profile as well as advise you on latest policy updates.



We’ll assist you with your e-PR submissions ensuring you have the right documents on hand and avoid unexpected immigration issues.



Post application, the work doesn’t end there as our team will advise and monitor for policy updates and provide support with rejection or appeal, if needed.

Don't Let These Issues Stop You From Applying

Strict Policies

Everyday, ICA receives hundreds of applications which means a longer processing time for you, hence the strict policies. Thankully, we know what qualities they're looking for that will help you stand out and improve your application chances.

Language Barriers

Language shouldn't stop you from becoming a Singapore PR. ICA has forms in different languages, so finding your preferred language should never be a hassle. More importantly, with thousands of expats vying with you, your profile must stand out.


No doubt there are many different paperwork to fill up in your application. This can be stressful and confusing to some people. Our team specialises in preparing the paperwork ICA wants. Why not let us help you with your application?

ICA Online System

Ironically, the online ePR system was built to make applications easier. However, many foreigners and expats find the platform confusing. Avoid making mistakes in your submission that will get your application rejected by speaking with us.

Our PR Application Advantages

1. Profile Assessment

ICA has specific criteria they’re looking for in an applicant. We’ll help you identify your profile’s strengths and weaknesses to maximise your success rate chances.

2. Booking & Expedite Appointments

A self-submitted online e-appointment date typically takes about 6-8 months. We can assist with expedited appointments for urgent cases.

3. Professionally Documentation

Presentation and legibility play a significant role in getting applications approved. Handwritten Form 4A submissions typically get rejected. We’ll assign you with drafting a professional document for your submission.

4. Mandatory Documents

We’ll help you compile the necessary mandatory documents which include: Birth Certificate, Passport, Marriage Certificates (if applicable), Education Certificates, Proof of Income, and Tax Statements.

5. CSA Review Checklist

With over 140,000 applications sent in every year, your profile and application have to stand out. We’ll advise you on specific solutions and documents that will strengthen your specific case.

6. Personalised Cover Letter

Similar to any job interview, a cover letter is a powerful way to separate your profile from the other applicants as well as showcase long-term interest. We have a team of writers to help you craft a personalised letter.

7. Priority Support

As a client with us, you’ll always have access to our priority support channels where you are free to ask us any questions about your application. We can also assist with other areas of immigration support.

8. Re-Application Review

In the event of a rejection, we’ll assist you with your re-application. We recommend re-applying rather than lodging an appeal as the former has a higher rate of success.


Based on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, the average processing time for any application is about 3 months. However, from our experience, this can delay to as long as 4-6 months, if the required documents are not submitted properly.

Compared to countries like Australia which uses a point-based system to calculate your PR application, in Singapore, your PR approval is at the sole discretion of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

To make matters worse, the ICA doesn’t justify their reasons for rejection which may leave applicants feeling frustrated despite following their guidelines.

However, Singapore is still open to bringing in new PRs and citizens because of an ageing population. The ICA approval may be stringent but new applicants can take the necessary measures to improve their profile and approval chances.

There are several options when it comes to applying for a Singapore PR. The most assured route is the PTS scheme for foreigners who have worked in Singapore for at least a year along with achieving several other criteria such as proof of long-term interest in the country. To help our applicants with this criteria, we work with different industry specialists to build up your proof of long-term interest.

In most cases, if your application has been pending for more than 3 months, it is likely that ICA is waiting for your profile to improve before they make their decision. In such situations, it is best to speak with one of our consultants as soon as possible.

The Singapore Government carefully calibrates the pace of immigration with each application judged based on its own merit. On average, there are roughly 30,000 PR applications granted every year though this number has dropped in recent years.

This is partly due to the tightening and change of immigration policies to ensure competitive salaries and distribution of skills across sectors after a peak in 2008.

Ideally, you should wait for at least 6 months before submitting another application. However, if you’ve taken significant steps to improve your profile and show a notable change to your situation and long-term interest status, you can re-submit your application earlier. Do speak with our consultants if you’re not sure how to improve your profile.

You’ll need to submit 5 documents:

  1. Digital Passport-Sized Photograph
  2. Valid Travel Documents and Passes
  3. Identification and Profile
  4. Highest Education Certificates
  5. Employment Paperwork

Naturally, this also depends on the type of application you’re applying under.

Yes, you can mail in your appeal or hand deliver a hardcopy to level 5, ICA building. In such situations, do ensure that you’ve improved your profile otherwise you risk lengthening your future application process.

However, we’ve found that by reviewing and improving our client’s profiles, the success rate of a new application is typically higher than most appeal cases.

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